Digital transformation; an organisational imperative

Digital transformation has become a critical undertaking for organisations to survive, compete, and grow.

The pace at which new innovations, products, and ideas are being introduced and adopted is nothing short of astonishing. Organizations of all types and sizes are embracing the prospects of digital transformation and are fast adopting modern technologies to help sustain a profitable business model and to further grow. This means that C-level executives now more than ever are faced with challenging decisions related to selecting the right technology tools and putting together cohesive systems architecture that can enable their companies to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and become an overall digitally enabled business.

So, what is Digital Transformation? in simple terms, it is the process of identifying and implementing technologies that can help enable and accelerate business transformation.

While digital transformation is often synonymous with technological transformation, it should however be thought of more holistically. Digital transformation is a mind-set, a strategic undertaking that must start at the top, at boardrooms and executive offices first then socialized and cascaded down throughout the entire organization to create a culture that is nimble and agile. Technology is an important and fundamental aspect of digital transformation, but contrary to popular belief it is not the "magic bullet" that will fix all organisational problems. Well-defined operational processes that are closely aligned to organisational strategy are equally important, and can potentially serve as the blueprint for software architects and consultants to enable successful technology implementations.

Mazars offers bespoke solutions for holistic digital transformation

When designing and executing digital transformation for your organization, you should consider the entire spectrum of your business and where you can maximize return on investment. You also need a team of specialists to address your digital transformation in a holistic manner, starting first with business transformation as the overarching foundation, then deploying digital solutions to enable those transformation efforts with respect to people, processes and technology. This is precisely what Mazars offers.

Mazars has developed a comprehensive business and digital transformation framework consisting of six core layers to help clients achieve their transformation goals:

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  1. Strategizing and developing a digital transformation roadmap
  2. Transforming core business functions (finance, sales & marketing, operations, supply chain, IT, HR)
  3. Enabling the business through technology solutions
  4. Enhancing decision-making by leveraging data as a competitive advantage
  5. Leading people through change
  6. Protecting the business through risk and cybersecurity solutions

This framework requires a team with a diverse skillset and expertise to look across the full landscape of transformation including business management, technology and risk – all under one virtual roof.

Whether you want to drive revenue, improve efficiency or reduce cost, Mazars’ team works with your organization’s leadership to identify the core business functions you want to improve. We establish clear objectives to fit your business strategy and help put them into practice. As a result, Mazars is your strategy and implementation advisor all the way through.

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