Strategize Your Business

Survival is not guaranteed, but the chances are improved for those businesses that recognize the scale of the change required and modify their strategies and business models to jump the growth gap. We at Mazars can help you better understand your business and your target destination.

The global economy is rapidly and dramatically evolving, shaking and disrupting many long-held assumptions and practices. The aftermath will reveal a radically different competitive landscape. It will comprehensively change the rules of the game. Survival is not guaranteed, but the chances are improved for those businesses that recognize the scale of the change required. We at Mazars Oman can help you to jump the growth gap.

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Identifying a strategic destination includes identifying your vision & mission statements, principles & values and strategic focus areas.



In this fast-changing environment, where each day brings another twist and turn in the state of global economy, you need to be very selective and thorough about the right mixture of strategic analysis tools you need, and then how to conduct them.




The strategic plan begins with the end in mind, defining the strategic goals & objectives that when met the organization will have reached the strategic destination. The second component is to define the course of action required to lead to the achievement of the strategic goals.




The strategic plan and how is implemented will determine the success of the organization. Implementing a strategic plan, is not a static process. Constant monitoring and reviewing needs take place to deal with any barriers or obstacles.




Value proposition is the thing that determines whether people will stop to learn more about your product / service or move on to other options. It’s also the main thing you need to test – if you get it right, it will be a huge boost.




The dramatically and rapidly changes in the business environment and the rules of the game make many existing business models invalid, although the business might have great potential. A business model is a company's plan for how it will generate revenues and make a profit. It mainly addresses the age-old questions:  What is the company paid for.




A feasibility study tests the possibility of an idea, a project or even a new business. The goal of a feasibility study is to place emphasis on potential problems that could occur if a project is pursued and determine if, after all significant factors are considered, the project should be pursued. Feasibility studies also allow a business to address where and how it will operate, potential obstacles, competition and the funding needed to get the business up and running.




The business plan describes the nature of the business, the sales and marketing strategy, the organizational team, operational strategy and the projected financial statements, to name a few components. A business plan is a road map that provides directions, so a business can plan its future and helps it avoid bumps in the road.




The pitch deck is the first communication tool to help you raise money with a potential investor. It can help the investor to determine whether to continue evaluating your business opportunity.




Marketing strategy is a section of your business that outlines your overall game plan for how you'll find and attract clients or customers to your business. A good marketing strategy incorporates what you know about how your business fits into the market and the 5 Ps of marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People) to develop techniques and tactics that will achieve your marketing objectives.




Human resource strategy is designed to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviors among staff that will allow the organization to meet its goals. Human resource strategy consists of principles for managing the workforce through HR policies and practices. It covers the various areas of human resources functions such as recruitment, compensation, performance management, reward and recognition, employee relations and training.




Strategy consultancy defines the best direction.  Management consultancy defines the specific optimal day-to-day operational actions the organization needs to take to reach its strategic goals and objectives.

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Strategize your business
Strategize your business