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Your business set up, paves the way for its future success so you want to be sure you are starting out strong.

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At Mazars Oman, our aim is to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter as you establish an Omani business. The experience, knowledge and integrity of the Mazars team means we can work alongside you as a strategic local partner you can trust.

Our expertise working within Oman’s business systems will reduce uncertainty and risk, while helping you to recognise and make the most of the many benefits Oman offers.

Welcome to Oman. We look forward to doing business with you.

1- Passive Nominee Resident Shareholder:
For entities that require 30% local shareholding, Mazars will provide our clients with a professional passive nominee resident shareholder service.

2- Company & Tax Registration, Consultation and Execution:
Mazars can assist our clients in registering their business in Oman without personal travel to the Sultanate.
Consultation: We will assist you in deciding what type of Oman business entity and what class of business license you need. As well, we can help you determine whether a free zone incorporation can be achieved and offer employment visa strategies.
Execution: We will manage all your company registration and legalization processes including bank account opening, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, municipality approval, Ministry of Manpower, ROP, Chamber of Commerce and Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance.

3- Finding Office Premises:
We will arrange meetings for you with the four best premises that suits your criteria.

4- Cultural Orientation:
Coming to a new culture can be daunting. We can help you navigate the foreign waters from knowing how to conduct business successfully in Oman, to even providing a person to translate if required.

5- Employee Immigration Visas:
We prepare and submit a high-quality visa application that maximizes the likelihood of visa approval for our clients.

6- Staff Recruitment/ Head Hunting
Knowing the country’s employment rules and labour standards positions us as experts in assisting our clients with their staffing concerns.

7- Maintenance of the Omanization Plan
Companies are required to hire certain % of Omani nationals through a rule known as Omanization. However, finding suitable qualified Omani employees can be a challenge to fulfil the Omanization.
We can support you in preparation and management of the Omanization plan.

8- Employee Payroll:
We will efficiently and timely complete monthly payroll obligations including: i) salary and pension calculations, ii) keeping accurate records iii) paying withholding taxes.

9- Monthly Bookkeeping and Accounting:
We manage monthly bookkeeping, auditing, tax planning and general accounting services.

10- Corporation Tax Returns:
At the end of the year, Mazars can calculate your tax liability, complete the required form, and file it with the Oman Tax Authority, making sure that you avail the maximum tax exemptions and benefits, as per the Omani tax laws.
If there is any assessment by the Oman Tax Authority, we can represent you in their investigation and negotiations to minimize any penalties or liabilities.