Our services

Mazars offers a full range of professional services including audit, accounting, tax, advisory and legal services for a wide range of clients across the spectrum of industry sectors.

Audit & Assurance Services

Our job is to provide the assurance of reliable and relevant financial reporting, as well as help organisations address their financial, accounting, performance and tax challenges.

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Strategy and Management Consultancy Services.

The global economy is rapidly and dramatically evolving, shaking and disrupting many long-held assumptions and practices.
The aftermath will reveal a radically different competitive landscape. It will comprehensively change the rules of the game. Survival is not guaranteed, but the chances are improved for those businesses that recognize the scale of the change required.

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Invest in Oman

If you are you looking to invest in Oman and need a support to get the right information or take an action, we at Mazars Oman would be glad to serve you.

Our aim is to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter as you establish an Omani business. The experience, knowledge and integrity of the Mazars team means we can work alongside you as a strategic local partner you can trust.

Our expertise working within Oman’s business systems will reduce uncertainty and risk, while helping you to recognise and make the most of the many benefits Oman offers.

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