Managing Partner Message

At Mazars, we do not consider Oman as just another destination where we have expanded our business, but a country where our mission is to serve and help it grow. For that purpose, we offer Oman all of the strengths of Mazars’ offices globally.

The story of Mazars Oman begins in 2003 when I, served the government of Abu Dhabi as an Advisor, at the level of undersecretary. I led a total comprehensive change project in one of their largest organizations.

The success I achieved there inspired me to return to Oman and sacrifice whatever was required in order to participate in the growth and development of my own people and country.

To maximise the benefit of my return, I have approached Mazars, a top international organization, specializing in audit and assurance, tax business, financial advisory and strategic and management consultancies.

What really distinguishes Mazars from other international audit firms is that it is a truly integrated firm. Being truly integrated allows us to operate as one united team across international borders. This unique structure ensures that our clients in Oman receive a seamless service unhindered by international organizational barriers.

If you think we can be of help to you or your growth, please don’t hesitate to contact me or contact any of our team members.